Rose Gold Bracelet // 18K Gold Plated // Mind Body Spirit Jewelry

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Mind Body Spirit Bracelet | 18K Rose Gold Plated Bracelet


A classic rose gold bracelet with three stones that represent the mind, body and spirit. When all three are aligned and resonate in harmony, we can achieve anything.

This elegant, 18K rose gold plated bracelet serves as a daily reminder to be the best version of yourself. Set your intention when you put the bracelet on your wrist and return to that intention each time you notice it throughout the day.

Whatever your aspiration is, in order to achieve your goal you have to create a new habit, and to do so successfully you need strong intentions and desires. When daily life tries to get you off track, a small reminder of those desires will help you stick to your intentions that form new habits that lead to achieving your goals.

What better way to carry a reminder than on your wrist? You hands are in your sight most of the day. Others will see a simple bracelet; you’ll see a commitment to a goal you set.

Let this bracelet help you become the best version of yourself.

– 18K Rose-Gold-plated Non-allergenic Stainless Steel
– Chain bracelet with lobster clasp adjusts from 15.5cm to 19cm
– Gift box and velvet pouch included with every purchase
– Gift wrapping and hand-written note available. Please contact us.
– 14 day return policy with free shipping both ways in the continental USA

Also available in Silver and Gold.