Top 3 Marketing Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read

Marketing is no business owner’s favorite topic yet it cannot be avoided to grow a successful business. Whether you are a dentist, own a flooring company, or run a small consultant firm, these highly recommended marketing books will benefit you no matter how long you’ve been in business. They are available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible.

This practical marketing book by Donald Miller is a blueprint for simplifying and clarifying your business message. The 7 step process is outlined in detail and with plenty of examples so it’s easy for you to follow along and fill in your own story. The author explains that every successful movie, every story follows these steps to “hook” the viewer and lister (=your customer). The 7 point framework emphasizes that you make the customer the hero of the story. No matter what your profession, don’t position yourself as the hero. Don’t make your website and your marketing about how great you are. Make it about the customer. Miller explains how to accomplish this through the 7 point framework. 

Gary Vaynerchuk has a way of writing marketing books that inspire and make you jump out of your seat to go start NOW. This book explains that you should always start with offering value to your customer before asking something from them. The jabs represent something the customer can use such as helpful information that you offer for free. The right hook is an offer you’ll give them to sell your service or product. Notice there are more jabs than right hooks. Vaynerchuk offers plenty of examples and how to use them on different social media channels.

Jason McDonald Ph.D. is no stranger to online marketing and focused on helping businesses utilize social media correctly in 2018. His book is an easy-to-understand, fun guide for small business owners and marketers. His tips will help you create the best, search engine optimized content for each social media channel. Don’t just follow the trends, make sure you have a marketing plan that’s relevant to your customers. This workbook will guide you every step of the social way.

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